About Company

A fact worth mentioning about Apeksha is that some of the first residential buildings in Jaipur has been architectured and put up by us. Over the years the numbers of such buildings have grown enormously, with the improved structures and amenities. Both the new and old structures were built according to the expectations of the buyers, and things have improved considerably over the years, with better facilities being offered at affordable rates. The earthquake resilient structures that you’ll be living in are indeed a relief, and you barely have to panic under such conditions. The idea behind offering everything important in the same building is to ensure the buyer doesn’t have to move to other places in search of the expected amenities.

We provide solutions to every property seeker because we value every customer, and this is what makes us better than our competitors. With high standards concerning deliverables, we at Apeksha provide you best lifestyle, something that’s worth all your time and money.






Apeksha’s Corporate Values

Apeksha Group continuously endeavors to provide the best homes for people, and we’re doing their work efficiently. Besides understanding the changing needs that people have, Apeksha Group makes sure that a home always fits in the buyers budget. Our business philosophy isn’t based on just one thing, its more than a business, it is a team of fast-moving and dynamic individuals.

1.Consideration towards the environment: – At Apeksha, we understand our responsibility towards the environment, and we make sure to fulfill it. Our review doesn’t rest on just one thing, but many of them, and our sole purpose is to balance the environment besides constructing luxurious homes. Our buildings include gardens and other forms of vegetation to make sure there’s control on the increasing temperature. We aspire and inspire to build better buildings and a better environment.

2. Consideration towards the manpower:- We understand the needs of the people who work with us. We provide them the safety material to avoid any form to risk of their lives. We work according to the guidelines set for the labors and offer them the wages as decided by the government. Our efforts and strength is put in the direction to empower the manpower working with us, to ensure them a better and improved quality of life.

3. Consideration towards customers:- Our clients are the people who help us keep growing and achieving new milestones. In all the buildings that we architecture, we make sure that there are ample facilities for the customers and they get attractive result of their investment. Right from a Gymnasium to other facilities, we ensure everything is provided to the customers.

Our corporate values motivate us to look forward into more positive things and take new initiatives to architecture flats and apartments that are officially the best in Jaipur.

Founders & Promoters

Mr. Manoj Agarwal
CMD, Apeksha Group

A visionary, or rather the man who understood that the demand for houses would change with people’s lifestyle; Mr. Manoj Agrawal is the man behind this successful endeavor. Mr. Agarwal has made remarkable contributions in giving the real estate sector the stature that it has today.

Mr. Agarwal started his career as a relationship manager with an insurance firm and later began performing as a real estate broker. The real estate business appealed him, and he took his first step in the industry as a broker (real estate agent). Taking the first phase into this industry about a decade ago, Mr. Agarwal had a lot to explore. Ever since then, he has been working efficiently to deliver the finest residential apartments to the industry.

Mr. Agrawal is the driving force behind the success of Apeksha group- he responsibly understood the aspects of modern homes. Apeksha Group with each of the buildings brings a new passion in the lives of people. Mr. Agarwal’s project is synonymous with quality, commitment, reliability, and excellence in architecture.

The young man’s foresight has materialized his plans, and that’s the sole reason that Apeksha Group has proven its distinction as a leading marketing house in real estate. With a network that boasts of the most renowned promoters and developers, Apeksha has a lot to offer in the next few years. The focus has been on the development of premium residential, commercial, integrated townships and lifestyle gated communities in Jaipur.

Mr. Manoj Agrawal’s Apeksha Group is making people smile every day with the beauty that they create in the homes, thus being counted as one of the best in the real estate industry.

“We have so much to achieve in life that we usually neglect the happiness of living in a luxurious home. Apeksha will act as a motivation, pushing you to earn more to live your dream of a luxurious house. Our flats are designed and architecture following the rules set by the environmental department, something that distinguishes us from the competitors. Apeksha is a dream come true!” – Mr. Manoj, on Apeksha Group’s luxuriously creative homes.